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Far from being “dismal”, Euston’s Concourse is one of the best public spaces in London. Let’s hope HS2 doesn’t wreck it

A curious bidding war has been going on in London in the last few years: who can say the rudest thing about Euston Station. Last year, when it emerged that Euston’s 1960s building might be remodelled rather than demolished, Building … Continue reading

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Emily Thornberry quitting does little to solve Labour’s southern discomfort. Miliband should have defended her right to tweet

The decision of Emily Thornberry to resign as shadow attorney-general – or Ed Miliband’s decision  to sack her, depending on who you believe – must be one of the loopiest political acts of modern times. Rather than lance a boil, … Continue reading

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A Garden Bridge? No thank you, Joanna Lumley: London is ‘Bosky’ enough already

What’s not to like about the proposed Garden Bridge across the Thames? It’s designed by Thomas Heatherwick, a walk-on-water design superstar who came up with the Olympic Cauldron as well as the new Routemaster bus. It would, we are told, … Continue reading

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Labour can take pride in its school rebuilding programme. Even if this one was finished nine years behind schedule  

Last Monday (November 3rd) I was at the grand opening of the John Roan School in Blackheath (the school lies in the ward I represented as a councillor until May 2014, and I used to be a governor there). Despite the big … Continue reading

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